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Where is your Faith and Trust this Season? – Chosen-Daughters

Where is your Faith and Trust this Season?

Faith– Hebrew word Emunah which means support, trustworthiness

Trust– Hebrew word Gesenius which means confidence, security

For the past month I’ve been hearing these two words constantly. It got to the point where I heard it so much that I started to think okay God, do I not have enough trust and faith? Faith and Trust are words that you can’t have one without the other. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1). This scripture alone magnifies that in order to have FAITH you have to hope for the evidence of things not seen, and to hope for something you can’t see takes TRUST. Trusting can be hard especially trusting in something you can’t see. This was a recent struggle for me because I just couldn’t understand how I could trust God. Then I was reminded God is not a man where He shall lie (Numbers 23:19).


But strangely we trust there’s a God, but we can’t see Him. What’s so different in trusting Him in our jobs, our finances, our relationship, our present and our future? There’s really no difference besides that we love control. But isn’t it the same God who brought us through the last trial and somehow, we’re questioning Him in this trial? I know recently I was struggling with allowing God to take control over a certain relationship in my life. I’m like God I give you the pen to write my story because I’m doing a terrible job. Then when He takes the pen, I start going crazy, getting confused on what’s going on, and not understanding this new rollercoaster; losing complete sight of the writer whom I should be focusing on. However, God reminded me it’s okay and I can trust Him and it will work out for my good like many times before. So, let’s not forget what He’s already done and what He’s doing. God is a better driver/writer of our life than we can ever be.

Trusting God isn’t always easy as it should be, I know. However, I think when we do become overwhelmed with our problems, blurry in our spiritually vision and human understanding, and crave to know what’s next; we should take a deep breath and give it to God. Give Him the worry, give Him the anxious thoughts, and the concerns. Then lean into Him for clarity and trust that He will see himself through the promises He has given us. He is faithful. In our trusting, we will grow in faith and God will show up & show out! 

God loves you more than you know

I love you and remember you’re Chosen, Bianca Brown

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