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I know we’re all friends so that means I can be vulnerable with y’all. So, the past couple weeks I’ve been in and out of a funk (a feeling of being down and sad and not knowing exactly why). I’m sure we all go through that from time to time, it varies for everyone. However, if we take the time out to analyze our emotions we may see where it’s all stemming from. It could be from something not going our way, we can’t see what’s next, or we don’t entirely understand the season we’re in, etc.

For me, I feel God has shown me things for my future and I can’t see how it is going to happen with the current season I’m in. As exciting as it is to have mystery, it’s also frustrating at times. It’s extremely frustrating when you aren’t completely content in your current season. It’s like God how can you show me this next step or plant these ideas in me now?? It’s already a battle to be motivated in this current season. Don’t y’all feel that way at times? Or maybe it’s just me. Well as I write this, I realize two things.

1.    Everything you need for this season is positioned exactly how it should be. This high or this low in this season is preparation for the next. We lack nothing! God is faithful and ALWAYS keeps His promises… “not one word has failed of all the good things that the LORD our God promises concerning you. All have come to pass for you; not one of them has failed” (Joshua 23:14).

2.    Contentment! Be content in the season you’re in, you’re in it for a reason. That doesn’t mean to be complacent(not working to improve) but find joy in your season. Don’t live a life based off emotions because they’re constantly wavering, trust me. Lean on God’s understanding and He will direct your path. 

Not everything is meant to be understood. Trust the process and most importantly trust God. God is birthing something inside of you friend! It may be uncomfortable, it may not always be easy but DON’T ABORT THE PROCESS! I write this to encourage your beautiful soul (and myself haha)! Comment, what steps you take to push forward in your season!

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God loves you more than you know

I love you and remember you’re Chosen, Bianca Brown

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  1. Karen Diaz says:

    I struggle with this a lot, that not everything is meant to be understood. Being a planner and a but if a control freak it’s hard for me to give it all to God because I want to know the why for everything. Before I do I want to know why should I. But as I’m learning God often wants us to move without us knowing why because he wants us to trust him. The best way I push forward in seasons like this is to stay in prayer. I feel so much better when I speak my heart to the Lord because I know he’s listening and he’s helping me move forward. I ask for strength because I know I can’t do it alone. It’s hard and some days I don’t react the way I wish I did but we’re all works in progress. Thanks for sharing, it’s more encouraging than you know .

    1. chosen1397 says:

      Yes that’s awesome, I agree trust is definitely a big one! He shows us certain things so we can trust Him and not take it in our hands and try and figure it out. Always have to stay prayed up for sure, because that’s are way of communicating with God. We also have to listen and not just always speak but, glad it encouraged you! Love you boo.

  2. Karen Diaz says:

    I struggle with not everything is meant to be understood. Being a planner and a bit of a control freak I want to know the why for everything . I want to know why I’m doing something before I do it. But as I’m learning God wants us to trust him so he often won’t give us these answers. The biggest step I take to push me forward in my season is prayer. I feel so much better after pouring my heart out to the Lord. I find myself having to pray for strength, guidance and boldness constantly but it helps me especially in those hard seasons. Thanks for sharing, it’s more encouraging than you know.

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