Copy of Styling Bell Bottom Jeans

I love these versatile bottoms. Culottes can be worn in the Summer, Spring, Winter & Fall! I don’t know about you, but I love a staple piece that will look good all year around. You can dress these calf length pants up or dress them down. Fun fact culottes wear originally worn by French men in the 1700’s but today women have taken over this style.

You can pair them with a basic tee or graphic T-Shirt. Along with a pair of sneakers or sandals to make the look more casual. You can dress them up with a fancy blouse and pair them with heels. Either way they’ll look great, so have fun while styling them. My Black culottes I paid just $10 at Sears. The White striped culottes I paid about $20 at JCPenney. These bottoms are very affordable.


  • Make sure they fit perfect at the waist! This way they’ll flow seamlessly down the rest of your body. 

  • They can sometimes run big and far down the calf. I suggest finding a pair that aren’t overly long, so you’re still able to see your legs.

Here’s a couple ways I styled culottes

Photographer: @behindnavilaseyes

Photographer: @behindnavilaseyes

Photographer: @ejvisualz

Photographer: @ejvisualz

Comment how you would rock your culottes this season!

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