How to Style Flare Jeans

Hey friend! I know summer is on its last stretch and I’m hanging on to it lol. However, living in Florida, I have the luxury of not having to change my outfits too much to adjust to the shift in seasons. This year I noticed a trend of various styles of jeans making a comeback, so I had to try, one being Flare Jeans.

Flare jeans first came out in the 60’s and of course in the fashion world everything always recylces. I wanted to try Flare jeans but didn’t want to spend too much money, so I went thrifting! I got these pair of flare jeans for just $3 at my local thrift store! Flare jeans are perfect for every size of women from tall to petite and from curvy to slim. I styled my flare jeans for a casual summer look and paired them with my favorite snakeskin purse, and cute yet comfortable pair of heels to take the look up a notch. How do you feel about flare jeans? Are you feeling this look? Comment below and let’s chat!

Photographer Instagram: ari_morr
Photographer Instagram: ari_morr


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