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22 Lessons I’ve Learned in 22 Years – Chosen-Daughters

22 Lessons I’ve Learned in 22 Years

Turning 22 years old this year has made me realize how fast life goes and how much I have left to learn. I was the type of kid growing up that would plan out their entire life so, a lot of things didn’t turn out the way I imagined lol. However, through all the mistakes, life changes, spiritual growth, ands so much more… it turned out much better! So, here’s to a few lessons I’ve learned in 22 years.

1.You’re not going to be a plastic surgeon or medical doctor

This was my main goal when I was 11/12 years old and one of my biggest dreams at the time. A year ago I would be devastated to come to this reality but today I’m not. I always wanted to help people, I love blood, and I like making a lot of money. However, this year as I’ve grown closer to God I’ve realized that’s not what I want anymore for myself…and guess what? That’s okay! Although I was almost finished with my degree to get into medical school I now have a different route and I couldn’t be more excited and a bit scared about it. So, here’s to graduating May 2020 with a degree in Sociology.

2. You won’t have everything figured out

This is a hard lesson I’ve had to learn! I love knowing things and I also love planning so, learning this took a while and I’m still learning it honestly. I’ve learned to go with the flow more in terms of how my life will turn out and trust God with the details. I’ve been less stressed and filled with less worry ever since I’ve learned this hard truth. Learn as you go, life is more fun that way.

3. Opening up to people isn’t so bad

Not everyone is untrustworthy…who would’ve thought! Learning to be open and trust others will set you free from all the things you hold in, as long as you’re willing to share your journey with others. I had a few great friends in my life but I’ve gained some really amazing sisters who have helped me grow in my faith, be vulnerable, and so much more. People can be trusted especially when you pray and ask God to send you the right individuals. Life isn’t meant to do alone, its okay to trust others!

4. You’re voice is important

WOW….this one is huge for me. Thinking about it gets me a bit emotional because its’s not something I thought was. There’s power and truth in the words I say and the words you say. Your words can touch others by simply opening up my mouth. So, yay to growing comfortable with speaking more and reaching others with the words God give me, the things I experienced and will continue to experience. Never disqualify your voice sis.

5. You’ll enjoy the single life

News flash, you won’t need a relationship to give you an ounce of happiness, worth and value….you have God for that honey! You’ll have time to learn who you’re, do all the things you want, and you’ll be free. You’re man will come BUT let’s enjoy all the traveling, being content by yourself, getting these degrees with no distractions, building a brand with no distractions, becoming whole and walking on the path of being the person you were created to be so, when he comes you don’t have to find value in him and you’re ready to build together.

6.It’s okay to not be 100% okay all the time

You don’t have to put on an everything is good in my life mask. Everyone goes through things and you don’t have to try and conceal yours.

7. Your past doesn’t have to be your future

Your past is just that, the past. It’s behind you and the only thing you can do is learn from it and move forward. Growing comes from learning from the mistakes you’ve made so there’s no point in sitting in those hurts and over replaying those thoughts. Talk about the things that continuously linger in your mind to people you trust, the hurt that you experienced, the things you’ve done…be set free from the things that you can’t control, give it to God to carry. There’s so much freedom and growth in walking into new beginnings without the weight of the past.

8. It’s okay to say no

You can’t please everyone. You have a right to say no to anybody and the things you don’t want to do. People will live and you’re just as important. Don’t be a people pleaser be a God pleaser! 😉

9. Keep being honest

Your honesty will be appreciated. It’s not always necessary but share it when it is and be polite about it. Honesty is what help others grow and how your relationships can grow deeper.

10. Take more pictures

Pictures capture moments you won’t ever get back. Take lots of them, you won’t regret it.

11. Life has so much to offer

Get out your box and check out all the things this world and life has to offer. You don’t have to stick to a strategic plan you created, trust God with all the plans. Start that blog, start that business, finish that degree, travel, change that major, start that book, move to somewhere new.

12. Your health is SO important

Exercise is important and beneficial to the body BUT the things you eat are more important. You can’t eat junk and expect to feel good all the time, have high energy, clear skin, and a healthy functioning body. You only have one body so be kind to it.

13. Family isn’t always blood

We are all brothers and sisters in Christ so, the blood family we’re born into isn’t our only family. Family isn’t just blood. Family, are people who you love, who you can count on, they’re there for you in the highs and lows, genuinely want the best for you…..that’s family.

14. Being successful isn’t just about degrees and money

College isn’t the one route to success it once was. You can receive education in various ways now besides enrolling in college. Although I’m in college and I will secure my degrees, I know that’s not the only way to become successful in life. A single degree doesn’t determine the entire course of your life if you don’t allow it to. Success is loving and helping others and remembering this life is only permanent so, live it for God….the money will come.

15. You will live without chicken

I always wanted to be vegetarian because I don’t like animal cruelty and I know a lot of meats are not good for the human body. Letting go of my favorite meat chicken especially as a black individual was hard honey, but I did it and my sensitive digestive system loves me now. Although I’m not vegetarian yet, I am currently pescatarian and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in regards to my health.

16. The desires in your heart and the things you love align with your purpose

A lot of times we think or I used to think it’s only this one career that you have to do in life and it made me nervous, because I love doing so many things. Thank God that’s not the truth! Your purpose is intertwined with the things you’re good at, the things you think you may not be good at but if you try it it’ll reveal so much to you. We all should have one ultimate goal which is to bring people to Christ. However, we all have different talents, creative ideas that are meant to be used in order to fulfill our purpose and overall assignment on this earth. Don’t think too hard about your purpose because everything is already inside you.

17. You aren’t missing out on anything

FOMO ( Fear of Missing Out) is a real thing and I had it so bad. I learned I’m not missing out on anything lol and I need to learn to just be still. I don’t need to be somewhere all the time, I don’t need to be doing something all the time. There’s peace and benefits of just being still, relaxing, quietness and letting God speak to you through that. Give your mind and body time to regenerate.

18. Date yourself

In order to get to know yourself you have to spend alone time with yourself. You don’t have to wait on a man to take you out, you can take yourself out sis. Spend time in your own presence doing things you love to do. It’s so nice to just do the thing you want or love to do without asking or waiting for someone else.

19. Get a mentor

This may come at a price but its worth it! This is one of the best investments I made for myself. There’s nothing like having someone who shares the same passions in life and has already excelled in one or many of those passions to now teach you the ropes. We need other people in life and getting a mentor is one of the best choices to the keys of growing as an individual and growing your brand/business.

20. Healing comes in various forms

Healing comes from speaking your truth. Healing comes from confessing things to others. Healing comes from apologizing. Healing comes from communication like therapy/counseling. Healing comes from revisiting that hurt and finally choosing to deal with it. Healing comes through serving others. Healing is a choice you have to make. Healing comes when you trust that the God of all things has the power to repair what once bruised you.

21. Travel

Even if it just out of your town, out of your state, or out of your country, TRAVEL! The world is a huge place filled of so much, don’t waste it by remaining in one little area all the time. Travel not only just to gain a feel of a new place but also travel with a goal of sharing your faith, your passion, etc with someone you may never meet again…make a positive impact everywhere you go.

22. A relationship with God is the most important thing in life

This relationship is everything your soul needs and longs for. A unique relationship with the God who created the universe is one we should all have. He knows you more than you know you. A relationship with God is a relationship that I would never regret on starting and one you will never regret.

I could go on and on with the lessons I’ve learned but I’ll stop here. I hope you enjoyed reading them, have similar ones, different ones and maybe even picked one you want to start learning.

God loves you more than you know

I love you and remember you’re Chosen, Bianca Brown

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