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2020 Prayer Challenge – Chosen-Daughters

2020 Prayer Challenge

Prayer is such a vital component in living an active spirit filled and led Christian life. Prayer is a line of communication with God. Without prayer we rob ourselves of growing closer to God and being able to distinguish the voice of God. However, with prayer we can see in the supernatural realm, activate our Faith, break strongholds, shed light into dark situations, and so much more. This past year I’ve grown closer to God and a lot has to do with an increase in my prayer life. 

So, I thought to myself I would love to create a challenge with my sisters in Chosen-Daughters, and a Prayer Challenge immediately came to mind. What better way to start this decade than with a Prayer Challenge! I believe this challenge will help deepen your relationship with God, activate your angels to move on your behalf, and be a great step in the right direction for this new year. If you’re up for this challenge, I would love for you to join! It’s completely FREE and you only need 5 things.

What you’ll need for this challenge?

  1. A journal, notebook, or simply use the Notes feature if you have an iPhone. With whichever you choose, you’ll create a list of different prayer topics and select something Specific for each day that you want to pray about (e.g. financial provision, healing, a new job, family, ect).
  2. Grab your phone and set an alarm time that works best for you! The purpose of this is so you can have a set time and reminder each day of when you need to pray.
  3. Again, a journal, notebook, or simply use the Notes feature if you have an iPhone. I encourage you write down your prayers so you can keep track of what you pray for and when God answers them.
  4. Accountability! This is so important. If you follow @_chosendaughters on Instagram you can post on your Instagram story or Instagram feed a word (e.g. financial provision, healing, a new job, family, ect) and use the hashtag #chosendaughterschallenge this way I can pray with you. Here’s the link for the Instagram
  5. Lastly, when growing your relationship with God you also need to stay in His word. So, I’ve created a breakdown of 30 different scriptures for each day that you can use to meditate on while you pray (At the bottom of Page).

How do I pray?

So, maybe you’re thinking but I don’t really know how to pray, here’s some pointers. Start of by thanking God for who He is and thanking Him for all He’s done and is doing and will do. Ask for forgiveness for anything you’ve done whether you know it or not. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you with what to say, also pray for others, and don’t feel ashamed for openly asking God for things because He already knows what’s on your mind but do keep in mind He moves according to His will. I encourage you to pray scriptures/God’s word back to Him as you pray. Lastly, pray for God’s protection because the enemy will try anything to keep you from praying and reading God’s word. 


Prayer is your communication line with God so be vulnerable and transparent with your creator. 

Remember this is a dialogue not monologue so, take time to listen to what HE has to say in response to your prayer.

So excited for you to grow in your relationship with God and can’t wait to see what He does for you through this challenge!

God loves you more than you know

I love you and remember you’re Chosen, Bianca Brown

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